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Embodying resilience and innovation, Stephan Schurmann has charted an unparalleled journey from adversity to success. A visionary entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, Stephan’s expertise spans across tax-efficient business strategies, impactful authorship, and global explorations.


His multifaceted career is a testament to his role as a dynamic "Gladiator" in business advisory, where creativity meets strategic excellence. Dive into a world where advice transcends conventional boundaries, guided by a survivor who’s navigated the complexities of entrepreneurship with unwavering determination and a spirit of adventure.


Stephan Schurmann is a German citizen, entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, Author, and world traveler. In 1990 he found a winning business formula on to base his future. During the last 33 years, Schurmann enjoyed traveling to 85 countries and living tax-free life as a "Permanent Tourist." Learning his insider offshore business from scratch and implementing these tax-saving business strategies for his international clients.

In 2007 he made the "greatest mistake" of marrying the "wrong woman," and his second mistake was in 2010 when he "retired from his offshore business" to set up a Concrete Panel Manufacturing Plant in the USA under a Master Franchise Agreement from an unreliable Philippines Franchisor.


These two wrong "life choices" had devastating results in his private and business life and led to his only son being kidnapped at the end of 2014 by his own Filipino mother with the assistance of the US Government and his Million Dollar Manufacturing Plant in the USA going down the toilet with all machinery and equipment.

In February 2015, Schurmann was forced to leave the USA to file a The Hague Petition for the wrongful retention of his child at his legal domicile in Marbella, Spain. Schurmann ended up being wholly bankrupt and homeless due to exorbitant legal fees.

He fought against the hell hole called family court for almost seven years, pushing back with everything he had. At a time, Schurmann felt death grip his body, mind, and soul. It was the most frustrating, sad, depressing, painful, and hideous experience he had EVER experienced.

During this life-changing journey of government lawlessness, fraud, deceit, and judicial corruption, including "legalized child kidnapping," he survived prison for dropping his son off at school. He survived ex-business-partners who posted fake reviews all over the internet, destroying his business and reputation.

His offshore business insider know-how and his expertise helped him rebuild his life and become a Millionaire again during this crisis. His most famous book, "KIDNAPPED," has been written to inspire and empower readers worldwide to create an affluent lifestyle you never need a vacation from.

His valuable work discusses the essence of his "trade secrets" and is recommended reading for anyone who aspires to a free and uncompromising way of life.

If Schurmann can do it at age 57 to go from broke(n) to 7 Million Dollar in Tax-Free Profits, you can do it too.

Stephan Schurmann
What Will You Learn?

what is in it for you?

What will you get from reading Stephan's book?

A "Blueprint To Success" even if you are sitting naked in a garbage bin right now. Having been there and knowing how hard it has been! No matter where you are in the world, and no matter what situation you face right now, “KIDNAPPED” will EMPOWER YOU by giving you access to the most creative, confidential, and detailed corporate success solutions on the planet. Revealing how to overcome every obstacle to achieve the financial success you deserve, how to create a fortune using expert business techniques, strategies, and know-how which has worked for me during my career of 33 years as an offshore corporate formation specialist.

"Schurmann commands fees ranging from $50,000 to $150,000 per client engagement, reflecting the high value and transformative nature of his services. With an impressive 99% client retention rate, his expertise in enabling entrepreneurs to establish their own Investment Banks and navigate the cryptocurrency market sets him apart. His approach not only democratizes access to global financial markets but does so more efficiently and cost-effectively than competitors worldwide.

Beyond the foundational services, Schurmann offers unparalleled advice through his writings and consultations. His insights are invaluable for those ready to expand their financial horizons and embrace the secrets of the banking and legal industries that remain guarded from the general public. His guidance is particularly suited for forward-thinkers eager to explore untapped opportunities and gain a competitive edge.

Embrace the journey to financial innovation with Schurmann. Discover how his expert advice and comprehensive book can unlock new levels of success for you—if you're open to learning the insider secrets that your banker or lawyer might never reveal."

Among the unlimited insider secrets, you will discover include:

  1. The simple path of becoming a successful entrepreneur - Turning these secrets into your money.

  2. Learn how to make serious money anywhere worldwide without special education, visas, permits, or licenses.

  3. Learn how to acquire a second citizenship and passport legally.

  4. Learn how to obtain a diplomatic passport and enjoy the immunities and privileges, which can tremendously benefit your private and business life.

  5. Learn how to become a Honorary Consul with social recognition, big-money contracts, preferential treatment, and instant sex appeal. Your nomination becomes key to a vastly expanded world of social and economic advantages and new opportunities.

  6. Learn how to establish your own Investment Bank, including online banking software and your own crypto exchange.

  7. Learn how to register your tax-free business globally on the blockchain and gain all the advantages, including unlimited borderless private and public transactions, your blockchain bank wallet, blockchain crypto explorer, blockchain digital bank, and blockchain trust.

  8. Learn how to get a residence in a tax heaven without having to pay through your nose for assets and properties, especially houses, yet enjoy complete security and extra advantages you might never enjoy while paying heavy taxes in your home country.

  9. Learn how to profit from inflation, especially in real estate and investment bank establishments.

  10. Learn Schurmann’s outlined timeless methods to start from nothing and build a fortune in real estate and/or investment banking.

  11. Learn how to take advantage of Decentralized Finance (DEFI), which equips you for the future of non-governmental controlled or regulated financial transactions.

  12. Most importantly, you will learn all the hidden secrets and benefits of being a "Permanent Tourist."

The Simple but Rare Path and Secrets to Becoming A Seven-Digit Entrepreneur - Tax-Free!

Entrepreneurs usually have it rough, struggling against well-established competitors. Most often than not, several entrepreneurs and startups get thrown under the bus because of unfavorable policies and unavoidable restrictions.

"KIDNAPPED" exposes how Stephan Schurmann had his life wrecked; he lost his son to parental and governmental child kidnapping, experienced total business destruction, and several spine-chilling accidents, yet competently withstood unfavorable winds.

He was literally sitting "naked in a garbage bin," but against all odds, he could get his business back to life at 57 years and build an entire empire on his own - tax-free.

In his eye-opening and shocking book, the secrets of the wealthy, selfish business Moguls are ultimately exposed since Stephan has always wanted to positively inspire millions of entrepreneurs worldwide with powerful knowledge your banker or lawyer would never have shared with you.

"KIDNAPPED" illustrates how you never need a degree, neither do you need any tax-robbing, child kidnapping and lawless government, an office, a lousy job, or all the "fancy jargon" the "Fake News Media" have fed you to build a TAX-FREE empire where you are your own boss.

Asset Protection With The Blockchain Trust

In a time when the wealthy lose their highly-priced assets to creditors, predators, and the government, STEPHAN SCHURMANN has made it a point of duty to clearly outline how to safeguard your assets from loss and unforeseen circumstances with an irrevocable Asset Protection Blockchain Trust.

The Blockchain Trust Provides all the benefits of offshore asset protection at cheaper and faster rates leaving out all its drawbacks.

Protect Yourself and Your Family with International Prenuptial Agreements

Through the knowledge contained in Stephan’s book, readers can enjoy complete asset protection through the irrevocable blockchain family trust and learn how never to become the next victims of family court judicial predators - you and your spouse can be empowered with your irrevocable blockchain family trust to protect both of you and your children in case of a future divorce! A family court judge has NO JURISDICTION over your family trust, nor can any crooked judge claim "jurisdiction" over your children.


Stephan acquired this knowledge the most "brutal way" possible by having his own son kidnapped with the assistance of the US Government. If he would have known these legal strategies BEFORE he married his child abducting ex-wife, this disaster would have been totally prevented. You and your family as well as your children can benefit from his know how to NEVER allow any corrupt family court judge claim falsely "jurisdiction" over you, your spouse, your assets and your children.


what is the VALUE of "knowledge" or education? PRICELESS! 

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Stephan & Sean Schurmann

Compared to the weight of insider secrets and expert knowledge of more than 580 pages contained inside KIDNAPPED, it will NOT BE SOLD, but given away as COMPLIMENTARY COPY, making it affordable for interested parties who want to change their life story for the better overnight. It's probably the best COMPLIMENTARY BOOK  you've ever received in your life.

This unconventional self-help guide is for seasoned entrepreneurs and beginners in business. Insider Secrets will show you how to become financially free anywhere in the world. These Insider Secrets are the only resources you will ever need that will show you how to use your overlooked skills and how you can use the mindset of a highly successful entrepreneur.

So what could be the secret that requires No college degrees or licenses, No Boss, No lousy office politics, No regular hours, No Taxes, and No Government Intrusion,  yet guarantees 100% FREEDOM?

Can you afford to pass up this “chance of a lifetime” without reading Schurmann’s Book?


It exposes many advantages and opportunities of becoming a very successful tax-free entrepreneur, Investment Banker, and an Honorary Consul or Diplomat, changing your life forever.

You won't find Schurmann on any "Bestseller List," but it's hard to find any Millionaire who has not read his Special Report.


Kidnapped - A Book by Stephan Schurmann




Right now, in the USA, millions of children are living through unspeakable horrors with devastating and life-changing consequences. Children as young as 5 years, who will be bought and sold for sex, as many as 20 to 30 times per day in America! Or legally married to a Pedophile, conveniently signed off by a Pedophile Judge.

365 Pages of heart wrenching and brutal information to inform and educate parents
across the world how to protect their loved from the evil around us!

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